“Norman has a truly uncanny ability to find the most compelling way for a person, business or organization to tell their story.”

— Erica Mills, Nonprofit Marketing Consultant, Founder and CEO of Claxon

Do you want to tell your​ story so people understand the "why" of your business?
Do you have a live or online presentation you're preparing for?
Are you launching a podcast as part of your overall marketing strategy?

If you need help in any of these areas, please contact me at:

normanbell (at) hellyeslife.com.

Wait. You may be wondering: Who the heck am I?

Why, I'm glad you asked.

I'm Norman Bell: Expert Communicator.

I've used my communication skills to help Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and AT&T, as well as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and PBS travel show host Rick Steves.

I have 20 years of experience in all facets of marketing communications, including business storytelling, messaging, project management, and digital marketing.

I am also an award-winning public speaker and a facilitator of business storytelling workshops. (Here's me speaking to over 800 people at Ignite Seattle at Town Hall.)

As a speaker, I was one of the top seven Toastmasters speakers in the Seattle area in 2015, and I have won first-place awards in several speech competitions.

Here are a few testimonials from participants in my storytelling workshops:​

“Thank you so much for an amazing class. I have been wanting something like this for a while. I walked away with creating an authentic story of how my business came to be – the first time I have felt on target.”

Debbie Rosenfelt, Founder, CEO From the Heart

"Norman created a really safe space to share stories and had the workshop well organized and moving, so I found I got past my blocks about crafting a story. I found the event fun and energizing."

Chris Overholt, CEO and Founder, Namu Baru Inc.

Again, if you need help with anything communications-related, 

email me at normanbell (at) hellyeslife.com so we can set up a time to discuss what your needs are. I look forward to hearing from you!