006: A Passion for Photography with Brendan Ramsey

Brendan Ramsey is great example of someone who is on the road to his Hell Yes. He still has a day job, but it seems like every spare moment outside of work, he’s behind a camera, looking to get his next great shot. Brendan first started snapping photos around 1983 with his parents’ Kodak Instamatic. Then, on his 14th birthday, his parents bought him his first camera of his own – a Ricoh KR-5 SLR 35mm film camera.

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005: Creating World Peace, One Mindful Child at a Time with Stacy Tucker

Stacey Tucker is a successful entrepreneur, teacher, author and parent, and the creator of The Bodhi Tree and Stacey, a business that encompasses mindfulness practices for all ages. Stacy works with adults in a mindful coaching practice, and with children through creating stories and guided meditations that encourage children to use their imaginations to discover their own inner calm and tranquility.


On the show, you’ll learn:

  • What Stacey spontaneously said in the 10th grade when asked what she was going to do with her life.
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004: My Hell Yes Story





In this episode, you’ll learn why this is called the Hell Yes Life podcast as I tell you my origin story.

On the show, you’ll learn:

  • What two words I used as my campaign slogan for student council.
  • What happened in the middle of my speech that nearly sunk me, and why it didn’t.
  • What happened on the worst day of my life.
  • Which cities and countries I called home when I lived abroad for seven years.
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003: How Gratitude Can Turn Hell Into Hell Yes with Quito Keutla

By the time he was 30, Quito Keutla had made over a million dollars in the real estate market. But the crash of 2008 wiped out everything. Quito tells us a moving story of his lowest moment and what he did to turn his life around. He also shares how this crisis led him down the path to new and unexpected career avenues.


On the show, you’ll learn:

  • How Quito first discovered his passion for inspiring and motivating others.
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002: How an Introvert Found Her Hell Yes Life with Beth Buelow

Beth Buelow is a professional coach, podcaster, speaker, and author of “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms”, which was named one of the 100 Best Business Books of 2015 by Inc.com. She has contributed to articles in The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, Inc, Entrepreneur, The Telegraph, and Psychology Today, among others, and her Introvert Entrepreneur podcast was named a Top 25 business podcast by Entrepreneur.com.


On the show, you’ll learn:

  • The eight words Beth loves to hear after she’s asked someone a question.
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001: What is Hell Yes Life?

On this first episode of the podcast, we’ll talk about what you can expect from the show, both with our interview episodes and solo episodes. We’ll also discuss a bit about who you are, and how you might benefit from listening to the show and connecting with the HYL community at hellyeslife.com. But first, we’ll start out with a quote by civil rights activist Howard Thurman that sums up what this show is all about.


(Note: I mention in the episode that I'll be telling my Hell Yes origin story in episode 2.

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