Brendan Ramsey is great example of someone who is on the road to his Hell Yes. He still has a day job, but it seems like every spare moment outside of work, he’s behind a camera, looking to get his next great shot. Brendan first started snapping photos around 1983 with his parents’ Kodak Instamatic. Then, on his 14th birthday, his parents bought him his first camera of his own – a Ricoh KR-5 SLR 35mm film camera. He’s been shooting ever since.

Brendan says: “Sunset, sunrise, landscape, night and wildlife is where I excel. Living in the city of Seattle, I shoot a lot of urban and cityscapes. I have found a niche in construction photography and have landed several contracts with Morrow Equipment where my photos are purchased for use in their Seattle business reports. I have found social media to play a big part in expanding my circles related to photography. The local news agencies often share my images on social media and starting in May of 2015, they started airing photos during news segments.”

On the show, you’ll learn:

  • How Brendan discovered his love of photography
  • What people helped him cultivate his passion over the years
  • How Brendan is using social media to share his passion with his fans
  • How his photo “Needle on the Record” led to finding an unexpected avenue for bringing in income from his passions
  • What tools Brendan uses to capture and edit his photos

Resources mentioned

  • Photoephemeris - A photographer's tool 

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006: A Passion for Photography with Brendan Ramsey

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