Today my guest is Doug Piotter. Doug is the author of the memoir “Fixed: Dope sacks, dye packs, and the long welcome back.” I’ve known Doug for the past couple of years, and it’s been great to watch his Hell Yes journey develop.

Doug’s self published book is a memoir about his challenging past – He grew up in a dysfunctional family, which led to addiction, which led to a life of crime, and that led to 10 years in prison. You might think from the subject matter that this book would be dark and depressing, but Doug has a great, dark sense of humor, and his book is made up of a series of short, funny, unbelievable misadventures that chronicle his journey from addiction and crime to recovery and forgiveness.

Doug is getting some real traction with his book – it was named one of best indie memoirs of 2016 by prestigious Kirkus Review. I’m excited to share our conversation with you, so please listen in!

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010: How to Go from Broken to “Fixed” with Doug Piotter

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