This week my guest is Dawn Armstrong, the founder of Live Your Great Big Life. Dawn, who is otherwise known as the “Possibility Ninja”, has spent the last 15 years cultivating leaders and creating thriving communities with elite athletes, scientists, teachers, teens and most recently as a mentor life coach. Dawn is an athlete, biochemist, educator, leadership guru, disruptive speaker, adrenalin junkie and mother of two. A former teacher, Dawn saw an opportunity to create programs that would build courage, confidence and creativity in people and she went for it. She now has a Facebook community of her own and is up to all kinds of great stuff, including leadership coaching, team building workshops, and more. Dawn's first book will be released early in 2018 and is called “The Steep Edge - Chronicles of Risk Takers and Sunset Chasers.”

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020: How to Live Your Great Big Life with Dawn Armstrong

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