029: Why Every Moment Matters with Miracle on the Hudson Survivor Dave Sanderson


On January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson was the last passenger off the back of US Airways Flight 1549, the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, which is best known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”. Dave was largely responsible for making sure many others made it out safely.

Since that day, Dave has gone on to become a motivational speaker and author. Currently, Sanderson averages over 100 speeches a year for major corporations across the United States as well as overseas.

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028: How Olympia LePoint Overcame Mathaphobia and Helped Launch 28 Space Shuttle Missions


Olympia LePoint is an internationally-recognized science leader who helped launch NASA’s Endeavor, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis space shuttles, part of a career total of 28 space shuttle launches. And yet, Olympia’s road to success wasn’t a straight one. Despite growing up in challenging circumstances and failing algebra and geometry in high school, Olympia persisted toward her vision of working at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

With some help from teachers and others along the way, Olympia went on to earn a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and to graduate in the top five of her class at California State University Northridge.

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027: Step 4 – ID your Hell No’s (5 Steps to a HYL)


Today on the Hell Yes Life podcast, we delve into Step 4 of the 5-Step Hell Yes Life process, which is "ID your Hell No's". In this step, we take a look at (cue scary music) YOUR PAST (ahhh!) and how it may be affecting you in the present. We discuss triggers and how to recognize when you've been triggered, codependency and how to deal with that question that so often stops us in our tracks: "What will they think of me?" We also touch on a few of the tools I have in my toolbox to identify past patterns and deal with them on a daily basis. 


(Note that while I have had a lot of experience working on myself, I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or anything like that, so take anything I say here with a grain of salt, and consult a trained professional if you're feeling depressed, etc.)​



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026: Why Britany Felix Ditched the 9-to-5, Hit the Road, and Started Living Unconventionally

Britany Felix, host of the travel podcast, Living Unconventionally, is my guest on today's show. In the Spring of 2016, Britany Felix and her husband quit the highest paying jobs they’d ever had, sold almost everything they owned (including their home), and began traveling the Western United States in their RV. Britany is also the owner of Custom Podcast Editing where she helps everyday people discover the power of podcasting and how to get their message out into the world.

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025: On Cutting to the Chase, Creative Distraction, Having Fun, and More (FreeFormFriday #1)

In this first edition of what I'm calling FreeFormFriday, I talk about the ideas of creative distraction and cutting to the chase, as well as doing little things to have fun and come alive throughout your day. Are you busying yourself with things that really don't matter because you're secretly avoiding the big, risky thing that could really move things forward? Have you given up some of the fun things you used to do because you've decided "I'm too old for that" or some other excuse?

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024: How Driving the Biggest Truck in the World Helped Kathy Tuccaro to Dream Big

Kathy Tuccaro is the author of the upcoming book “Dream Big! Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma and Abuse That Led to Dreams of Success.” In addition to being a motivational speaker and author, Kathy works full time as a heavy equipment operator, and part of her job is to drive THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD! She drives a 400-ton Caterpillar truck up in the Alberta Oil Sands in Canada. (Check out the picture below of Kathy and this truck.

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023: Carlyn Montes de Oca on Why She Created “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as Nurse”

Today on the Hell Yes Life podcast, I’m excited to have as my guest animal advocate Carlyn Montes De Oca. Carlyn is animal-human health expert, speaker and author of the brand new book “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy, and Extraordinary Life.” Carlyn is a former film editor and she has worked on such classic movies as "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and "Three Men and a Little Lady".

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