Kathy Tuccaro is the author of the upcoming book “Dream Big! Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma and Abuse That Led to Dreams of Success.” In addition to being a motivational speaker and author, Kathy works full time as a heavy equipment operator, and part of her job is to drive THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD! She drives a 400-ton Caterpillar truck up in the Alberta Oil Sands in Canada. (Check out the picture below of Kathy and this truck. When I saw this picture, I thought “oh man I’ve GOT to have Kathy on the show!”)

In the interview, we talk about Kathy’s journey out of extremely challenging circumstances to how she ended up driving the BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD to how this development led her forward to writing her book, and working on some amazing service projects.

Kathy spends her days off talking at women’s shelters, recovery centers and schools to give free self-esteem workshops as well as various other personal development classes. Kathy says: “Today, I am unstoppable in my dream to bring some light to those seeking it in the form of HOPE!”

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024: How Driving the Biggest Truck in the World Helped Kathy Tuccaro to Dream Big

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