Britany Felix, host of the travel podcast, Living Unconventionally, is my guest on today's show. In the Spring of 2016, Britany Felix and her husband quit the highest paying jobs they’d ever had, sold almost everything they owned (including their home), and began traveling the Western United States in their RV. Britany is also the owner of Custom Podcast Editing where she helps everyday people discover the power of podcasting and how to get their message out into the world.

On this episode, you'll learn:

  • What the first trip was that cultivated Britany’s love of travel
  • How and why Britany started her podcast
  • How she and her husband decided to sell their house, buy an RV, and start traveling around the U.S.
  • Why Moab, Utah was a highlight of their trip
  • Why quitting her job the first time didn't work
  • What action you should take if you're thinking about hitting the road too

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026: Why Britany Felix Ditched the 9-to-5, Hit the Road, and Started Living Unconventionally

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