Today on the Hell Yes Life podcast, we delve into Step 4 of the 5-Step Hell Yes Life process, which is "ID your Hell No's". In this step, we take a look at (cue scary music) YOUR PAST (ahhh!) and how it may be affecting you in the present. We discuss triggers and how to recognize when you've been triggered, codependency and how to deal with that question that so often stops us in our tracks: "What will they think of me?" We also touch on a few of the tools I have in my toolbox to identify past patterns and deal with them on a daily basis. 

(Note that while I have had a lot of experience working on myself, I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or anything like that, so take anything I say here with a grain of salt, and consult a trained professional if you're feeling depressed, etc.)​

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027: Step 4 – ID your Hell No’s (5 Steps to a HYL)

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