Steven Aitchison is a speaker, coach, writer, author, entrepreneur and Facebook expert. Steven has amassed an online following of over 3.5 million followers. Originally starting his business in personal development, his expertise in social media, blogging, coaching, and growing an online business has become highly sought after, leading him to create Your Digital Formula, a program for entrepreneurs to grow their online presence and grow their business. Steven’s network of heart-centered entrepreneurs reaches over 100 million people a day with their unique messages, while also helping entrepreneurs grow their audience and their individual business.

On the show, we discuss:

How Steven got started in the online personal development space

How a certain book falling on his head changed the course of Steven’s life

How he started on Facebook and went on to grow his audience to over 3.5 million followers

How one of his posts went viral in 2014 and has now been seen by 2% of the population of the planet(!)

The three questions you should ask yourself when creating Facebook content

Why engagement rate is the key (and often overlooked) statistic to follow on Facebook

Why you should make sure your Facebook posts include “the 3 E’s”

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031: From 0 to 3.5M Facebook Followers in 3 years: How to Attract a Massive Social Media Following with Steven Aitchison

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