047: The Road Out of Victim Town

[Today's episode is a blogisode - a podcast episode based on a blog post. You can feel free to listen to the episode, read the post below, or both!]




I'm having a William S. Burroughs moment, or something like that but without the psilocybin.


I am holed up in a motel in Anaheim California and I am in the midst of writing my first book in the next five hours or bust.

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046: How Can I Help You?

This week, we're doing something a bit different. Instead of the usual Tuesday interview episode, I'm checking in with an update about the show and my recent trip to Anaheim, California for the Podcast Movement 2017 conference. I then pose an important question to YOU, my treasured and valued HYL listener. 


And heck, I guess I'm going to blow the suspense in case you don't want to listen but still are interested in offering feedback.

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045: How Tiny Leaps Can Lead to Big Changes with Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and consultant and the host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, a top-ranked podcast that is focused on making personal development simple and, as Gregg says, “less ‘fluffy’”. In Gregg’s own words: “Personal development has become about saying things that sound nice, but aren’t rooted in any practicality. I started this podcast as a response to what I felt was a rotting personal development industry. Since then it’s grown into a larger community of people around the world who want to change their lives but realize it will take one step at a time to get there.”

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044: Mastering the Craft of Creativity with Comedian Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg travels continually performing his very unique blend of original story, standup and shtick. His work has leftlasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies, raised multimillions for nonprofits,garnered literary and theater awards and broken box office recordsin the US and Europe. The London Times said “ He’s a genuinely funny man”.The Chicago Sun Times called him, “… a mesmerizing physical comedian.”


Bob has joined a very small group of elite artists who have stayed prolific and profitably busy for over forty years.

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043: How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Tim Rhode of 1 Life Fully Lived

Tim Rhode is the founder of 1 Life Fully Lived, an organization he says he created in order to change the lives of millions of people across the planet by offer a hand up, instead of a handout. 


Tim says he got off to a slow start in life. He barely graduated from high school, and never went to college. At 25, Tim was a part-time grocery clerk and he also painted addresses on people’s curbs so he could buy diapers for his kids.

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042: How a 65-foot Wave Changed Brenna Hindman’s Life (HYL Stories #1)

Hell Yes Lifers, today I’m offering up a new kind of episode. It’s called HYL Stories. I had a conversation with Brenna Hindman a few weeks ago and she told me a story about a boat trip that completely changed her perspective on life. I thought it might be worth sharing her story with you. So for this episode, Brenna tells her story, and then I ask some questions afterward. Please go to the contact page on HellYesLife.com

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