Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest is Clayton John Ainger.

Clayton is a six-time award-winning author of the book, The Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity. In the book, Clayton explores the spiritual reasons for negativity, its purpose and where it comes from. He explains the effect on the physical body, the mind, and how it impacts on your life. Based in the United Kingdom, Clayton is also an internationally recognized psychic medium, spiritual teacher and spiritual coach.

During a meditation at Stonehenge, he received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity, the true purpose of ego and how to be free of it. He found that there is a pattern to our negativity which he calls The Ego’s Code, and he discovered a way to decipher it, clear out negativity, remove unhelpful habits, change old belief patterns and restore the soul so that you can live your truth – in a life of fun, play, happiness and fulfilment.

On the show we talked about:

  • How he transitioned from being a tax specialist to becoming as author and spiritual teacher
  • Why negativity is always related to your past patterns
  • How you can understand and decipher your own negativity patterns
  • Why we have a choice about how we react to present circumstances
  • Why positive thinking doesn’t work and why we need to give negativity a voice
  • How we can use awareness of our negativity patterns to take care of ourselves in the present.
  • How to use what Clayton calls the W.I.N. technique to bring down your stress levels.
  • How Clayton realized that being a psychic medium was part of his path.
  • And much more!

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048: The Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity with Clayton John Ainger
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