In this episode of the Hell Yes Life, I speak with Chris Ballew as he recalls his meeting with Madonna while performing in the band The Presidents Of The United States of America. Chris talks about his experiences with Beck, in both performing and learning from the singer songwriter. Chris discusses The Beatles and their influence on his own career, how he dealt with fame and popularity, as well as how he went from famous rock star to children’s singer songwriter.

Chris Ballew is a professional industry musician and songwriter. He was the Lead singer of the hit 90's band The Presidents Of The United States Of America. Chris Ballew is now a hit children’s singer songwriter performing under the name of Casper Babypants.

How did this former rock star find what he calls his true calling as a children’s singer songwriter?

Time Stamps:

03:15: Chris's story about meeting Madonna 

10:06: Working Attitude For Success.

14:38: Chris Ballew’s Hell Yes!

16:35: An early moment of realization.

22:05: Chris Ballew with Beck (Bek David Campbell) on how celebrities and popular music are impeding todays music ability.

24:00: Managing the pressure of fame.

27:58: Fame isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

30:45: After The Presidents to the present.

36:50: Finding your calling?

39:24: Live Performance - Free Couch.

For more on Chris Ballew and his music check out his website:

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049: From the Presidents to Caspar Babypants: How Chris Ballew Found His True Calling as a Children’s Singer

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