How to Rise From the Ashes and Transform Your Life with Giovanna Capozza

Giovanna Capozza is my guest on the Hell Yes Life podcast this week. Giovanna is a Master Life Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Educator and Mind/Body Expert. She began her spiritual and personal development journey over 20 years ago and now acts as a catalyst for the transformation of the mind and the belief systems that hold you back and sabotage your life, relationships and businesses.


In 2013 Giovanna shifted her focus to work predominantly with women who are ready to start playing a bigger game and living a bigger life.

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How to Make Enemies with the Present Moment (and 2 Ways to Stop)

This week on the Hell Yes Life podcast, I'm doing another blogisode. It's called "How to Make enemies with the Present Moment, and 2 Ways to Stop. Feel free to listen to the episode, read the post below....or both! We'll be back next week with another interview episode.

How to Make Enemies with the Present Moment (And 2 Ways To Stop)


Here's the thing about deciding to pursue your dreams: As soon as you do, you may well find yourself making enemies with your present circumstances.

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Lessons from Little Ones with Nick Britton

Nick Britton, author of Lessons from the Little Ones is my guest this week on the Hell Yes Life podcast. Nick has held many positions in his life –he is a former football player and military academy graduate—but he says his one of his favorite jobs has been as a preschool teacher.


Listen in to my conversation with Nick as we discuss what children can teach us and how we can access the positive innate childlike qualities like spontaneity, determination, presence, and curiosity that are inside all of us.

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053: 3 Steps to an Intentional Life with Diane Forster

Diane Forster is an intentional living expert and the best-selling author of “I Have Today: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile…Finally!” She is the Founder of “I Have Today” focused on helping women live empowered, fulfilling lives through books, digital programs, speaking, live events, coaching, mentoring, and webinars. 


Diane is also a certified coach, mentor, and mastermind facilitator in NLP. She works with clients privately on their professional and personal goals, with High Level Mastermind Groups, and with Couples to “fix” their marriage.

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052: How to Awaken Your Creative Consciousness with Breaking Into Brilliance Author Lynn Singer

Note: Click here to access my bonus interview with Lynn Singer about the process she went through to create her multi-media project, Breaking Into Brilliance.


Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest is Lynn Singer. Lynn is an actress, renowned voiceover professional and voice coach, and also the author of a new one-of-a-kind multimedia project called Breaking Into Brilliance: An Awakening of Creative Consciousness.


Lynn describes Breaking Into Brilliance as an interactive, animated, emotional, online experience masquerading as a book.

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