Giovanna Capozza is my guest on the Hell Yes Life podcast this week. Giovanna is a Master Life Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Educator and Mind/Body Expert. She began her spiritual and personal development journey over 20 years ago and now acts as a catalyst for the transformation of the mind and the belief systems that hold you back and sabotage your life, relationships and businesses.

In 2013 Giovanna shifted her focus to work predominantly with women who are ready to start playing a bigger game and living a bigger life. She is currently also the host of She Rises a podcast dedicated to her mission to un.settle and heal women globally.

Giovanna and I had a great conversation about victimhood, responsibility, radical self love, personal transformation, and more. I know you’re going to enjoy it, so be sure and tune in!

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How to Rise From the Ashes and Transform Your Life with Giovanna Capozza

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