In this episode, I talk about a topic that I have discovered (over the course of recording this episode) that I am passionate about, and that topic is...well, if you read the title of the episode, you know what the topic is: Crazymakers and how to set boundaries with them. In truth, we only start to touch on the actual boundary-setting piece, but I think this is a good primer on a topic I'll likely return to again in the future.

Some of the terrain we cover includes talking about what crazymakers are and what kinds of behavior you might expect to see from them. We also affirm that you as an adult human being have the absolute right to take care of yourself, and to decide who you will let in to your life and who you won't. ​

This is super-important topic, especially for those of you out there who (like me) suffer from bouts of codependency. So tune in! And if you care to, drop me a message about a boundary you've set (or need to set) with a crazymaker in your life.

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060: Why You Need to Set Boundaries with Crazymakers

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