Hey there Hell Yes Lifers, I’m excited to share with you my first interview episode of Season 3 of the Hell Yes Life podcast (now coming to you in both audio and video). My special guest is Chase Boehringer, founder of The Bucketlist LifestyleChase is great guy who went from crippling depression to travelling the world and checking off the boxes of his own bucket list. He’s now a world traveler, world record holder, and he’s even appeared (and won) on the Price is Right! (stick around until the end for the story about how he got on the show).

Chase’s bio:
Chase was a small town guy in Oregon, working long hours as a caregiver and settling in every area of life. 
When divorce and depression came, he wrote a Bucketlist. A list that was used as a blueprint for a life of exhilaration, connection and adventure. Chase became an expert travel hacker, life coach and adventure addict with the passport stamps and scars to prove it!

Check out The Bucketlist Lifestyle:

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066: How to Live the Bucketlist Lifestyle with Chase Boehringer

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