Hell Yes Entrepreneurs, I’m excited because today my guest is Matt Brauning. Matt is a best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and a master trainer of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).

Matt was a self-made millionaire by the age of 25. He is the founder of Evolution Seminars and has spoken and taught all over the world on the subjects of Leadership, Communication, and Presentation Skills.

He hosts The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur podcast, was mentored by Tony Robbins, and was filmed in the movie “The Journey” with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and consults with fortune 100 companies on Leadership.

On the show, we discussed Matt’s new book, “The Firebox Principle: The 7 Drives That Fuel Every Entrepreneur”. We also talk about Matt’s past challenges making a living in personal development, his breakthrough moment as a speaker and seminar leader, and much more.

I hope you enjoy my interview with the charming and insightful Matt Brauning!

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068: The Firebox Principle: The 7 Drives That Fuel Every Entrepreneur with Matt Brauning

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