Hell Yes Entrepreneurs, get ready to geek out on productivity tips, because today my guest on the Hell Yes Life podcast is Matthew Wilson, the founder of 3x5goals.com.

Matthew has spent more than 10 years studying the principles behind effectively managing time, being productive and working toward the achievement of goals. He has tried a variety of different methods but found them complicated and overwhelming. One day he picked up a 3x5 card and decided that if it didn’t fit on there, it wasn’t important.

Some of his entrepreneurial endeavors have included product inventing, podcasting, blogging, real estate investing, pet portraits, and more. In addition to his own blog, he is a contributor to many large publications, including Entrepreneur.com, AskMen, Good Men Project, Addicted2Success, ChiefExecutive.net, Thrive Global and more.

In our conversation, we get into the nitty gritty of how to prioritizing tasks, what elements make up an effective morning routine, and more.

Matthew’s website:

Do Matthew’s Perfect Day Exercise to find out what productivity practices work best for you:

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070: How to Master the Power of Productivity with Matthew Wilson

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