090: How to Fail Forward with Miha Matlievski

Hell Yes Life Podcast With Norman Bell

Hell Yes Lifers today my guest is Miha Matlievski, who is otherwise known as the Fail Coach. Miha has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business execu­tives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment.

At just 18 years old, Miha Matlievski, a Slovenian high school dropout, dreamed of becoming a suc­cessful entrepreneur. 12 years of hard work that resulted in four successful businesses and a personal net worth of $15M.

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089: Why You Should Go for No to Get to Hell Yes with Andrea Waltz

Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest on the podcast is Andrea Waltz. Andrea is the co-founder of Courage Crafters, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling book, “Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.” Through speaking and an online training and coaching course, Andrea teaches people in virtually every business and industry how to think and feel differently about failure, rejection and the word, no.

Today, "Go for No" has become a well-known methodology in the world of selling and is widely recognized as the singular best program of its kind.

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088: Fall in Love with Failure

In this episode of the Hell Yes Life podcast, we'll talk about why February is the perfect month to fall in love with failure and rejection. You'll also find out what we can learn from inspiring quarterbacks like Patrick Mahones and Russell Wilson that can help us condition ourselves to the No's we experience on the road to Hell Yes.

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