Hashim Lafond on the Hell Yes Life podcast with Norman Bell, on being creative, mural artist, painted Kobe Bryant mural

Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest on the show is Hashim Lafond. Hashim is a Los Angeles-based creative and brand influencer.  His large-scale street art has driven fans to Melrose Avenue, NBCUniversal, and other high-traffic locations throughout America. 

Hashim began his career as a host for Radio Disney and later toured for the Disney Cruise Line. He has produced viral content for today’s top influencers, using his social media presence to market brands and drive sales. His television appearances have included Access Hollywood, and The Steve Harvey Show.

​Check out his awesome works of art at ​hashimlafond.com

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092: How to Follow Your Creative Dreams with Mural Artist Hashim Lafond

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