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​Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest is Paul Maskill. Paul is a small business owner & advocate and the host of the podcast The Business Owner's Freedom Formula Show​.

When Paul started his first business in 2011,  he was working 60-80 hour weeks on a business that couldn’t survive without him. After systematizing everything and empowering a team to run the business better than he could, revenues nearly doubled to $500k while the number of hours he worked dropped below 40 hours per week.

Now Paul helps ambitious business owners automate their business so they can finally leverage their business to build a life that they love.

​Check out more about Paul and his business podcast The Business Owner's Freedom Formula Show ​and get his 5-Step Process to Build a $500k Service Business!

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098: How to Automate Your Business So You Can Live Your Hell Yes Life with Paul Maskill

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