Hell Yes Lifers, please join me in welcoming to the show Park Howell, the host of the popular Business of Story podcast and author of the bestselling book, Brand Bewitchery: How To Wield The Story Cycle System To Craft Spellbinding Stories For Your Brand

The fifth in a brood of seven, Park's earliest take on branding started when his father named their childhood home "Happy H" - which is right what their family stands for: happiness. Fast forward to his adulthood, and Park has founded The Business of Story, a proven platform based on his 10-step Story Cycle System™ to clarify your story, amplify your impact and simplify your life. Listen in today as Park shares actionable steps we all can take in crafting stories that will resonate with your target audience.

Tune in to today's show and you'll learn:

  • What Park's "Hell Yes" in life is

  • What happened to Park's ad's agency

  • How one advertising campaign changed Park's belief in his company's process

  • What his son did to help Park nurture his passion for storytelling

  • How Park was able to help Avein Saaty-Tafoya of Adelante Healthcare 

  • About Joseph Campbell and storytelling

  • How to effectively use Park's 10-Step Program without getting overwhelmed

  • The 3-Act structure of storytelling

  • How to set the context of your story

  • What the key step in storytelling is that will trigger your audience to take immediate action

  • Who should be in the center of every story you tell

  • One powerful tip when telling a story to anyone that will grant you instant connection

  • What an "inciting incident" is and how to use it in storytelling

  • What the Lipstick Index is and how the pandemic flipped its power

  • Carl Jung's archetypes and why you should use them in branding

  • Why you should weave other real-world stories into your own story

  • The OOO Exercise - Organization, Offering, and Outcomes - and how this helps you build your brand story

  • What the customer journey is and what stories to tell at each level

  • Quote: "Your stories are not about what you make; it's about what you make happen."

  • Why storytelling is intimidating and what makes people afraid of it

  • the difference between a brand story versus a founder story

  • How Park used storytelling magic help Andre-Martin Hobbs transform his car dealership 

  • Matthew Winklers' TED ED video "What It Takes To Be a Hero"

  • How to re-frame your mind during the pandemic using storytelling structure

  • Park Howell's most recommended Hell Yes Life episodes


Website: ParkHowell.com
Facebook: @BusinessOfStory
Twitter: @ParkHowell
Medium: @ParkHowell
LinkedIn: Park Howell

Matthew Winkler's TED ED video "What It Takes To Be A Hero"

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Brand Bewitchery: How To Wield The Story Cycle System To Craft Spellbinding Stories For Your Brand

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104: How to Create Spellbinding Brand Stories with Park Howell

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