The Hell Yes 10

An elite mastermind group that helps

6-and 7-figure purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale their business and deepen their impact


You're a successful purpose-driven entrepreneur who is already making a massive difference in peoples' lives. You're an influencer, a thought leader, coach, speaker,  or author, and you've achieved some incredible goals. 

Now you're ready to take your business and your impact to the next level, and  you've come to one important conclusion:

You can't do it alone. 

You need support from other like-minded  entrepreneurs who are in a similar place in their business who can give you the key advice and support you need to scale your business and deepen your impact.

The Hell Yes 10 Mastermind Group 

is designed to help you achieve your biggest goals and dreams for your business and life and accelerate your growth while forging valuable connections with other growth-focused purpose-driven entrepreneurs. 


If you're chosen for to be a member of the Hell Yes 10, you’ll partner with a team of 9 other world-changing entrepreneurs and participate in a series of 90-day sprints to achieve your biggest personal and professional goals.

Online Mastermind Meetings

Team Meetings

The Hell Yes 10 meets twice per month using Zoom web conferencing to do member check-ins on goal progress and get feedback from other members. We also feature hot seats, where one member gets the spotlight for a longer period of time.

Outside of the whole-group meetings, you'll also have biweekly team meetings to connect with the other members of your small group for input and support on your goals.

Daily Accountability

Members-only Community

Hell Yes 10 support doesn't end with online meetings. You'll also connect and collaborate with your small group team mates to offer support via text or email and keep each other motivated and on track. 

In addition to all this, each member of the Hell Yes 10 will have access to an exclusive Facebook community, where we'll be able to share our experiences and challenges with other group members.

HYL Podcast Special Guest Appearance

In addition to all the features mentioned above, you’ll have the opportunity to appear with the group on the Hell Yes Life podcast to talk about your business and your experience with the Hell Yes 10.


Norman Bell

Norman Bell is a coach, workshop and mastermind group facilitator. He is also the author of the upcoming book, The Hell Yes Entrepreneur, and host of the Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, which has been downloaded by thousands of listeners in over 70 countries. On the podcast, Norman interviews authors, speakers, coaches, artists, adventurers and world changers who are thriving in their Hell Yes Businesses and living inspiring Hell Yes Lives. 

With the Hell Yes 10, Norman is taking his desire to create community and facilitate connections among highly impactful purpose-driven entrepreneurs to the next level. He hopes you can join him. :)


“With Norman’s help, I was able to dig deeper and take a closer look at my primary motivations in life. I identified and challenged my fears and self-limiting behavior, allowing myself to dream bigger. I felt supported, reassured and inspired at the end of each session - which drove me to action.”


“Since working with Norman, I've recognized that creativity is self-care and prioritized it accordingly. I've also begun creating a business plan for my passion, and I'm writing more and loving it! My favorite part of working with Norman was his invitation to create a "cringeworthy vision". I've developed a vision for my life and it's provided so much guidance!”