Welcome Hell Yes Life Podcast Guest!

I’m excited to have you join me on the Hell Yes Life podcast! Together, we’ll take our listeners on a journey through your Hell Yes Life. Below is a breakdown of the general interview flow. 

For recording, we’re going to use Zoom. At the scheduled time of the interview, please use the following link to connect to the web conference: https://zoom.us/j/2064377275.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or notes about specific topics you’d like to cover during our interview. I look forward to connecting with you!

Pre-Interview Prep

Please send a headshot and a bio to norman@hellyeslife.com that includes anything you want to highlight: your title/profession, achievements, projects you’re working on, books you’ve published, etc. You can also send one key web address where people can go for more information.

I use your bio as the basis for my intro script, and it will appear along with your photo, on the episode page (perhaps slightly edited), so please try and include anything you’d want me to mention in the intro.

The Interview

The interview will last about 30 minutes – it could go a bit longer, but episodes have been ranging from 30-45 mins in general. We may need 5-10 mins for technical set-up, etc.

Down below are the general topics/questions we’ll cover. We may veer off this path, but this is a general outline. I will also have some more specific questions for you as well.

If possible, think of some specific stories related to these questions.

Let me know if there are any subject that your want to make sure and discuss, and any subjects that you do not want to discuss.

Technical Notes/Tips

  • IMPORTANT: For recording, we’re going to use Zoom. At the scheduled time of the interview, please use the following link to connect to the web conference: https://zoom.us/j/2064377275. (If you don't have Zoom installed, you may need to do this first, but it should happen fairly automatically and only take about 30-60 seconds.)

  • We will record the interview as a video, which I will be posting on Facebook and YouTube. I will then use an audio file of the interview to create a podcast episode.

  • Please wear earbuds or headphones to prevent echoing, and if at all possible, please use a microphone other than your computer’s built-in mic. Even the mic on a set of earbuds would be better.

  • Turn off all non-essential programs on your computer to enable our recording to happen with less potential for technical glitches.
  • If you have to have an ethernet cable, use it to hardwire your computer in as opposed to using just wifi. (If you don't have this, no worries.)

  • Find a quiet place for our conversation and make sure all potential noise-makers are turned off or taken care of ahead of time (phones, email, children, pets, etc.)

  • We’ll do a quick microphone and sound check before we begin our conversation.

  • It’s a good idea to have a glass of water nearby during our chat.

Interview Questions

What's your Hell Yes (i.e. passion, thing that makes you come alive)? When did you realize it was your Hell Yes?

Tell us about what you’re doing now. (i.e. introduce yourself.)

Tell us about the time period when you decided to do this. And right before. What was going on in your life and what prompted you to follow this path?

What challenges did you face as you developed this (organization/ project, etc)

Give us an example of when your needed to get out of your comfort zone, and possibly take a leap of faith.

Tell us about a moment of failure you had along the way and what you did when you were faced with it.

What was a moment of early success, a breakthrough moment?

What mindset shift did you need to make to succeed?

Tell us your big “cringeworthy vision” for your Hell Yes Life. (A vision so big it makes you cringe to think about sharing it.)

Imagine our listeners are where you were before you started going after your passionate, purposeful Hell Yes Life. Maybe they have a vague idea of what they want to do, but no idea about how to move forward. What would you suggest they do? Give us some tips.

1-2 mindset tips. How can we mentally/psychologically/spiritually prepare for our journey?

1-2 productivity tips: How can we work our efforts toward our Hell Yes Life into our life?

1-2 resources/tools that have helped you. This could be a book, movie, course etc. that helped you, or a technology tool.

What one Hell Yes action step or tip would you like to leave with our listeners?

What one quote would you like to leave us with?

Tell us where we can find you on the Internet. Also, feel free at this point to tell us about any events, products, services, courses, etc. you have coming up.

Post-Interview Tips

  • EPISODE PROMOTION: When it goes live, please promote the episode! I have a regular audience that will tune in, but the real success of the show depends in large part on you getting the word out to your (hopefully raving) fans. I will do everything I can to set you up for success by sending you an email a day or two before the show goes live that include links and info for social sharing.

  • AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: If you participate in affiliate programs, joint venture partnerships, etc. please let me know. I’m open to collaborating with like-minded, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

  • IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS: If you have suggestions for me about other people you know who you think would make a good guest for the show, or even if you just have ideas for me about how I could grow/develop the podcast and Hell Yes Life in general, please let me know!