058: Lessons from the Sh*tstorm

On today's episode, I check in with an update about the family crisis I'm in the midst of that caused me to pause the podcast at the beginning of November. Over the course of this rather long, rambling episode, I also talk about some of the lessons I've learned so far from going through one of the most challenging times in my life. 

Toward the end, I go over the parameters of this "Season 2" of the podcast (Short version: I'm in Minimum Viable Podcast mode, and the only rule is, there are no rules.)

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057: Hitting the Pause Button

This week on the Hell Yes Life podcast, I announce that I'm going on hiatus for awhile, and leave you with some  thoughts on what it means to live a Hell Yes Life to ponder during the break. Thank you for a great first season of the podcast,  and see you in 2018!

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How to Rise From the Ashes and Transform Your Life with Giovanna Capozza

Giovanna Capozza is my guest on the Hell Yes Life podcast this week. Giovanna is a Master Life Coach, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Educator and Mind/Body Expert. She began her spiritual and personal development journey over 20 years ago and now acts as a catalyst for the transformation of the mind and the belief systems that hold you back and sabotage your life, relationships and businesses.

In 2013 Giovanna shifted her focus to work predominantly with women who are ready to start playing a bigger game and living a bigger life.

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How to Make Enemies with the Present Moment (and 2 Ways to Stop)

This week on the Hell Yes Life podcast, I'm doing another blogisode. It's called "How to Make enemies with the Present Moment, and 2 Ways to Stop. Feel free to listen to the episode, read the post below....or both! We'll be back next week with another interview episode.

How to Make Enemies with the Present Moment (And 2 Ways To Stop)

Here's the thing about deciding to pursue your dreams: As soon as you do, you may well find yourself making enemies with your present circumstances.

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Lessons from Little Ones with Nick Britton

Nick Britton, author of Lessons from the Little Ones is my guest this week on the Hell Yes Life podcast. Nick has held many positions in his life –he is a former football player and military academy graduate—but he says his one of his favorite jobs has been as a preschool teacher.

Listen in to my conversation with Nick as we discuss what children can teach us and how we can access the positive innate childlike qualities like spontaneity, determination, presence, and curiosity that are inside all of us.

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053: 3 Steps to an Intentional Life with Diane Forster

Diane Forster is an intentional living expert and the best-selling author of “I Have Today: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile…Finally!” She is the Founder of “I Have Today” focused on helping women live empowered, fulfilling lives through books, digital programs, speaking, live events, coaching, mentoring, and webinars. 

Diane is also a certified coach, mentor, and mastermind facilitator in NLP. She works with clients privately on their professional and personal goals, with High Level Mastermind Groups, and with Couples to “fix” their marriage.

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052: How to Awaken Your Creative Consciousness with Breaking Into Brilliance Author Lynn Singer

Note: Click here to access my bonus interview with Lynn Singer about the process she went through to create her multi-media project, Breaking Into Brilliance.

Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest is Lynn Singer. Lynn is an actress, renowned voiceover professional and voice coach, and also the author of a new one-of-a-kind multimedia project called Breaking Into Brilliance: An Awakening of Creative Consciousness.

Lynn describes Breaking Into Brilliance as an interactive, animated, emotional, online experience masquerading as a book.

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051: Spreading Positivity through PEAR Cards – with Nathan Anderson and Matthew Roberts

Note: Click here to access my bonus interview with Nathan and Matthew about the key factors to keep in mind when launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Today my guests on the Hell Yes Life podcast are Nathan Anderson and Matthew Roberts. Nathan and Matthew are the founders of PEAR cards, and PEAR stands for Positive Engagement and Response.

Nathan and Matthew created PEAR cards, a card-based activity for families, friends, coworkers, classrooms, or any social situation to help create positive communication.

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050: 7 Inspiring Stories from the First 50 Episodes of HYL

Hello Hell Yes Lifers and welcome to episode 50 of the Hell Yes Life podcast!

To celebrate our 50th episode, I have put together a collection of some of my favorite stories from the first 49 episodes. All of these stories are about turning point moments where the teller faced some sort of challenge and learned something from it.

In this episode, you’ll hear stories from Quito Keutla, Peter Feysa, Felice Cohen, Kathy Tuccaro, Dave Sanderson, Cathy O’Dowd and Chris Ballew.

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049: From the Presidents to Caspar Babypants: How Chris Ballew Found His True Calling as a Children’s Singer

In this episode of the Hell Yes Life, I speak with Chris Ballew as he recalls his meeting with Madonna while performing in the band The Presidents Of The United States of America. Chris talks about his experiences with Beck, in both performing and learning from the singer songwriter. Chris discusses The Beatles and their influence on his own career, how he dealt with fame and popularity, as well as how he went from famous rock star to children’s singer songwriter.

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048: The Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity with Clayton John Ainger

Hell Yes Lifers, today my guest is Clayton John Ainger.

Clayton is a six-time award-winning author of the book, The Ego’s Code: Understand the Truth Behind Your Negativity. In the book, Clayton explores the spiritual reasons for negativity, its purpose and where it comes from. He explains the effect on the physical body, the mind, and how it impacts on your life. Based in the United Kingdom, Clayton is also an internationally recognized psychic medium, spiritual teacher and spiritual coach.

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047: The Road Out of Victim Town

[Today's episode is a blogisode - a podcast episode based on a blog post. You can feel free to listen to the episode, read the post below, or both!]


I'm having a William S. Burroughs moment, or something like that but without the psilocybin.

I am holed up in a motel in Anaheim California and I am in the midst of writing my first book in the next five hours or bust.

I just heated up some water for coffee in the microwave I just had a screamfest in the bathroom when I discovered a rather large cockroach in the bathtub.

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046: How Can I Help You?

This week, we're doing something a bit different. Instead of the usual Tuesday interview episode, I'm checking in with an update about the show and my recent trip to Anaheim, California for the Podcast Movement 2017 conference. I then pose an important question to YOU, my treasured and valued HYL listener. 

And heck, I guess I'm going to blow the suspense in case you don't want to listen but still are interested in offering feedback. The question is: "How can I help you?"

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045: How Tiny Leaps Can Lead to Big Changes with Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and consultant and the host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, a top-ranked podcast that is focused on making personal development simple and, as Gregg says, “less ‘fluffy’”. In Gregg’s own words: “Personal development has become about saying things that sound nice, but aren’t rooted in any practicality. I started this podcast as a response to what I felt was a rotting personal development industry. Since then it’s grown into a larger community of people around the world who want to change their lives but realize it will take one step at a time to get there.”

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044: Mastering the Craft of Creativity with Comedian Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg travels continually performing his very unique blend of original story, standup and shtick. His work has leftlasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies, raised multimillions for nonprofits,garnered literary and theater awards and broken box office recordsin the US and Europe. The London Times said “ He’s a genuinely funny man”.The Chicago Sun Times called him, “… a mesmerizing physical comedian.”

Bob has joined a very small group of elite artists who have stayed prolific and profitably busy for over forty years.

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043: How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Tim Rhode of 1 Life Fully Lived

Tim Rhode is the founder of 1 Life Fully Lived, an organization he says he created in order to change the lives of millions of people across the planet by offer a hand up, instead of a handout. 

Tim says he got off to a slow start in life. He barely graduated from high school, and never went to college. At 25, Tim was a part-time grocery clerk and he also painted addresses on people’s curbs so he could buy diapers for his kids.

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042: How a 65-foot Wave Changed Brenna Hindman’s Life (HYL Stories #1)

Hell Yes Lifers, today I’m offering up a new kind of episode. It’s called HYL Stories. I had a conversation with Brenna Hindman a few weeks ago and she told me a story about a boat trip that completely changed her perspective on life. I thought it might be worth sharing her story with you. So for this episode, Brenna tells her story, and then I ask some questions afterward. Please go to the contact page on HellYesLife.com

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041: #MyDreamIs: How Tay and Val Inspired Thousands to Follow Their Dreams

Award-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val left successful media careers, closed their production company in Singapore, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project to inspire dreams.

Six years, three continents, more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances in twelve countries, and 2 TEDx talks later, Tay and Val settled in the Pacific Northwest and became City Artists of Seattle.

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040: Your Hell Yes Relationship: How to Move from Selfish to Sacred with Kendra Cunov

Today my guest on the podcast is teacher and coach Kendra Cunov. Rich Litvin, Author of “The Prosperous Coach” calls Kendra one of the most powerful coaches & leaders he knows.

Kendra Cunov has been teaching, facilitating, and (most importantly) practicing Authentic Relating & Integral Circling for the last fifteen years. She works with organizations, leaders & coaches and has consulted for companies such as Genentech & is currently on staff for 4PC, an elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches in the world, which was founded by Rick Litvin.

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039: How Origami Artist Ross Symons Attracted 100k+ Instagram Followers, One Fold at a Time

Ross Symons is an origami artist who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Three years ago, Ross was working in a 9-to-5 job as a website developer, and he was miserable. He decided to dedicate the entire year of 2014 to improving his origami skills and sharing it with world. That’s when he started his popular Instagram account, where he folded and posted a different origami figure every day of the year. He increased his following on this account from just 120 to over 100,000 in under 18 months.

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038: Finish the Sandwich

On this FreeFormMonday (FFM) episode, we talk about the theme of finishing what you start. I talk about a strange habit I noticed last year when I was working with a coach and the mantra I started using to break the habit. I also talk about one of the big practices I've used to increase the likelihood that I'll finish a project.

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037: From Nepal with Love: How Jeff Rasley Found a Life of Adventure and Service in the Himalaya

Jeff Rasley is an avid outdoorsman and recreational athlete who has trekked or climbed in the India-Nepal Himalayas almost every year since 1995. He is author of nine books including "India - Nepal Himalayas In the Moment" and "Bringing Progress to Paradise: What I Got from Giving to a Mountain Village in Nepal". Jeff is president of the Basa Village Foundation, which funds culturally sensitive development in Nepal. He is also U.S. liaison for the Himalayan expedition company Adventure GeoTreks Ltd.

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036: On the Grateful Dead, having fun, taking small steps, and more

In today's episode (FreeFormFriday #3) I talk about my recent and unexpected fascination with the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia's outlook on life, where his top priority was having fun. But first, I discuss some recent steps I've taken toward my Hell Yes dream of being a professional speaker.

Mentioned on the episode:

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035: From Finance to Founding Tough Girl Challenges: Why Sarah Williams Chose a Life of Adventure

Today my guest is Sarah Williams. Sarah is the host of the the Tough Girl Podcast. After working in finance for 8 years, Sarah quit her job and spent 18 months travelling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and going skiing. She used this time to help her decide what she wanted to do with her life. Not long after, she launched her podcast.

Sarah says the mission of the podcast is motivate and inspire women and girls.

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033: Step 5: Take Your Hell Yes Action (5 Steps to a HYL)

Today we talk about the fifth and final step in the 5 Steps to a Hell Yes Life process. Congratulations! You made it through all 5! (You did listen to the other four, right? 🙂 In this episode, we review the 5-step process, hear some wise quotes about taking action, discuss the meaning of the saying "throwing your hat over the fence", and go over several ways you can take meaningful action toward your Hell Yes Life today!

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032: 50+ Vacations in 5 Years: How to Run a Successful Business While You Travel the World – with Millie Leung

Today my guest is Millie Leung. Millie is an entrepreneur, author and international speaker. She is also a wife and a mother of two young girls. She runs a successful business from her mobile phone and laptop and has been on over 50 family vacations in the last five years. Her passions include entrepreneurship, financial education and personal growth. Her book 'Mind and Money Makeover' launched in July of 2016 on Amazon.com and has achieved Best Seller status in three categories.

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031: From 0 to 3.5M Facebook Followers in 3 years: How to Attract a Massive Social Media Following with Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison is a speaker, coach, writer, author, entrepreneur and Facebook expert. Steven has amassed an online following of over 3.5 million followers. Originally starting his business in personal development, his expertise in social media, blogging, coaching, and growing an online business has become highly sought after, leading him to create Your Digital Formula, a program for entrepreneurs to grow their online presence and grow their business. Steven’s network of heart-centered entrepreneurs reaches over 100 million people a day with their unique messages, while also helping entrepreneurs grow their audience and their individual business.

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030: How Cathy O’Dowd Climbed Mount Everest, One Step at a Time

Cathy O’Dowd is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both its north and south sides. She was also on the mountain in 1996 during the infamous storm that took the lives of several people and inspired the book Into Thin Air and the movie Everest.

In the late 1990’s, Cathy was completing her master’s degree in Media Studies in South Africa, when she saw a newspaper advertisement for a place on the first South African Everest expedition.

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029: Why Every Moment Matters with Miracle on the Hudson Survivor Dave Sanderson

On January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson was the last passenger off the back of US Airways Flight 1549, the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, which is best known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”. Dave was largely responsible for making sure many others made it out safely.

Since that day, Dave has gone on to become a motivational speaker and author. Currently, Sanderson averages over 100 speeches a year for major corporations across the United States as well as overseas.

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028: How Olympia LePoint Overcame Mathaphobia and Helped Launch 28 Space Shuttle Missions

Olympia LePoint is an internationally-recognized science leader who helped launch NASA’s Endeavor, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis space shuttles, part of a career total of 28 space shuttle launches. And yet, Olympia’s road to success wasn’t a straight one. Despite growing up in challenging circumstances and failing algebra and geometry in high school, Olympia persisted toward her vision of working at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

With some help from teachers and others along the way, Olympia went on to earn a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and to graduate in the top five of her class at California State University Northridge.

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027: Step 4 – ID your Hell No’s (5 Steps to a HYL)

Today on the Hell Yes Life podcast, we delve into Step 4 of the 5-Step Hell Yes Life process, which is "ID your Hell No's". In this step, we take a look at (cue scary music) YOUR PAST (ahhh!) and how it may be affecting you in the present. We discuss triggers and how to recognize when you've been triggered, codependency and how to deal with that question that so often stops us in our tracks: "What will they think of me?"

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026: Why Britany Felix Ditched the 9-to-5, Hit the Road, and Started Living Unconventionally

Britany Felix, host of the travel podcast, Living Unconventionally, is my guest on today's show. In the Spring of 2016, Britany Felix and her husband quit the highest paying jobs they’d ever had, sold almost everything they owned (including their home), and began traveling the Western United States in their RV. Britany is also the owner of Custom Podcast Editing where she helps everyday people discover the power of podcasting and how to get their message out into the world.

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025: On Cutting to the Chase, Creative Distraction, Having Fun, and More (FreeFormFriday #1)

In this first edition of what I'm calling FreeFormFriday, I talk about the ideas of creative distraction and cutting to the chase, as well as doing little things to have fun and come alive throughout your day. Are you busying yourself with things that really don't matter because you're secretly avoiding the big, risky thing that could really move things forward? Have you given up some of the fun things you used to do because you've decided "I'm too old for that" or some other excuse?

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024: How Driving the Biggest Truck in the World Helped Kathy Tuccaro to Dream Big

Kathy Tuccaro is the author of the upcoming book “Dream Big! Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma and Abuse That Led to Dreams of Success.” In addition to being a motivational speaker and author, Kathy works full time as a heavy equipment operator, and part of her job is to drive THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD! She drives a 400-ton Caterpillar truck up in the Alberta Oil Sands in Canada. (Check out the picture below of Kathy and this truck.

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023: Carlyn Montes de Oca on Why She Created “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as Nurse”

Today on the Hell Yes Life podcast, I’m excited to have as my guest animal advocate Carlyn Montes De Oca. Carlyn is animal-human health expert, speaker and author of the brand new book “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy, and Extraordinary Life.” Carlyn is a former film editor and she has worked on such classic movies as "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" and "Three Men and a Little Lady".

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022: How to Side Hustle your Way to Success with Nick Loper

Today my guest is Nick Loper, who is the host of the Side Hustle Show. Nick’s podcast has been one of the top 5 shows I’ve listened to over the past few years as I’ve started down the road toward podcasting and online entrepreneurship, so I’m excited to have him on the show!

Through his podcast, Nick helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business.

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021: Step 3 – Build your Hell Yes Day (5 Steps to a HYL)

In this solo episode, we discuss Step 3 of the 5-Step Hell Yes Life Process: Build Your Hell Yes Day. Now that we've identified our Hell Yes in Step 1 and created our Hell Yes cringeworthy vision in Step 2, it's time to look at how we work our Hell Yes into our daily lives. We take a look at one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for a Hell Yes Day - develop a morning routine.

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020: How to Live Your Great Big Life with Dawn Armstrong

This week my guest is Dawn Armstrong, the founder of Live Your Great Big Life. Dawn, who is otherwise known as the “Possibility Ninja”, has spent the last 15 years cultivating leaders and creating thriving communities with elite athletes, scientists, teachers, teens and most recently as a mentor life coach. Dawn is an athlete, biochemist, educator, leadership guru, disruptive speaker, adrenalin junkie and mother of two. A former teacher, Dawn saw an opportunity to create programs that would build courage, confidence and creativity in people and she went for it.

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019: How to Achieve Happiness from the Inside Out with Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney is an author, Huffington Post contributor, international speaker, podcaster and creator of the Foundations of Happiness eCourse. She is also the trademarked Ambassador of Happiness, a title she earned pursuing her own Hell Yes Life, starting in her 50's. Now Maura shares her "Living Happy - Inside Out" mantra through books, podcasts, videos, and blog posts. Combining reflective questions and insightful stories, Maura helps individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand and leaders emerge into their most authentic, influential and highest versions of self. She

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018: John Lee Dumas of EOFire on How to Master Productivity, Discipline and Focus

Hell Yes Lifers, I have created a special “JLD on HYL” Power Pack PDF, which includes a transcript of my interview, a list of key takeaways, and information on how to receive 10% off the price of JLD’s Mastery Journal. Download it now!

John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast is my special guest today. On his podcast, John interviews today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs seven days a week. Since John launched EOFire in 2012, he has put out over 1600 episodes and has interviewed today’s top entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Ferriss.

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017: How to Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth with Robert Galinsky

Today my guest is Robert Galinsky. Robert is a public speaking coach, spoken word artist, playwright, activist and, as he describes himself, a town crier. He currently teaches teenagers at Rikers Island Jail through the Literacy for Incarcerated Teens program and through GalinskyCoaching.com, and he is the founder of the Galinsky Vounteer Vanguard.

He is the Head Speaker Coach for TEDxTeen and TEDxFultonStreet and he is a contributing editor for the new site The Fresh Toast.

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016: Step 2 – Create your Cringeworthy Vision (5 Steps to a HYL)

In this episode of the mini-series, "5 Steps to a Hell Yes Life", we move on to Step 2, creating our Hell Yes Vision, or as I Iike to call it, your "cringeworthy vision" - a vision so big, it makes you cringe to think about sharing it with other people. You've heard me ask my guests what their cringeworthy vision is. Now it's YOUR turn. Once you listen to the episode and write for 10 minutes on your vision, I dare you to head over to the Hell Yes Life Facebook group and post your cringeworthy vision.

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015: How to Live Large with Less with Felice Cohen

Felice Cohen is the author of “90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or More)” which came about after a YouTube video of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio went viral. According to Felice 90 Lessons is a want-to guide motivating others to “live large” in any sized space. Felice writes the blog “Living Large in Any Space” and has been a professional organizer for 20 years.

Felice is also the author of “What Papa Told Me,” a memoir about her grandfather’s life before, during and after the Holocaust. The

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014: How Music Can Help You Communicate and Connect with Ed Roman

Musician Ed Roman is definitely living a Hell Yes Life, and he’s doing it his way.

Ed is a getting-dirt-under-your-fingernails kind of guy. Raised on a farm in Ontario, Canada, one of his favorite sayings is “dirty hands make clean money.” Ed has learned how to unplug from online life and get out into three-dimensional world to do tactile things like gardening.

“It’s not what you believe. It’s what you do.” That’s what Ed’s grandmother taught him, and he lives by that credo to this day.

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013: How to Uncover your Passion through Life Purpose Alchemy with Lisa Cherry Beaumont

Lisa Cherry Beaumont is a Life Purpose Coach, Workshop Leader, and Author of bestselling book Life Purpose Alchemy: Discover what fulfils you and do what you love for a living. Using her unique 6-step system, Lisa helps people who are stuck doing work they don’t love, and those who find themselves hopping from one frustrating business to the next, to understand what’s meaningful to them so they can do work or create a business that makes them happy and keeps them motivated.

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012: How to Connect with your Audience with Tom Schwab

Today my guest is entrepreneur Tom Schwab. Tom founded Interview Valet, which is a business that connects podcast hosts with podcast guests. Tom helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs get featured on leading podcasts their prospects are already listening to. He then he shows them how to turn listeners into customers.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Hell Yes Lifers: Visit interviewvalet.com/hellyes and get the 9 Secrets to Getting Booked on your First Podcast, and more!

On this episode you'll learn:

  • Why Tom thinks we should wake up every morning saying "Hell Yes!"
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011: Step 1 – Find your Hell Yes (5 Steps to a HYL)

In this first episode of my new mini-series, "5 Steps to a Hell Yes Life", we start with what may sound like an obvious step: Finding your Hell Yes.

We talk about some of the mental barriers that may be holding you back from doing the excavation work needed to find your Hell Yes, and how you can overcome those barriers using a simple plan.

I have created a simple guide to accompany this episode, which you can download here on the episode page. 

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010: How to Go from Broken to “Fixed” with Doug Piotter

Today my guest is Doug Piotter. Doug is the author of the memoir “Fixed: Dope sacks, dye packs, and the long welcome back.” I’ve known Doug for the past couple of years, and it’s been great to watch his Hell Yes journey develop.

Doug’s self published book is a memoir about his challenging past – He grew up in a dysfunctional family, which led to addiction, which led to a life of crime, and that led to 10 years in prison.

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009: Behind the Scenes of Hell Yes Life (An HYL Update)

Go behind the scenes of the Hell Yes Life podcast in this solo episode as I give you an update about how the podcast is going so far, how it started, what I did to get it off the ground, what's happened since, and what's coming up next.

On the show, you'll learn:

  • How I launched the Hell Yes Life podcast, and which video series I used to set up my podcast.
  • What obstacles I ran into as I prepared for the launch.
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