A transformational 1:1 program that takes you from business owner to thought leader in 90 days 

You’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur – a coach, a speaker, a consultant, a healer, a changemaker. You want to be of service, change peoples' lives, change the world. Business is goodBut you want to break through to the next level.

You’re not just any business owner. You’re an expert in your field. You're passionate about what you do. You’ve got a unique message and story to share, and you know you can help people.

But you've got one problem:

You don’t know who you are yet.

You don’t have a clear mission, vision or message. 

You haven’t uncovered the origin story of your business, and you aren’t effectively communicating it to your audiences. 

You're not quite sure who your target audience is, what their pain points are, and how your products and services can help them.

Because of this, you also don’t know how to package your services into a compelling offer that is uniquely yours and walks your clients through an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process. 

And because of this, you haven't established yourself as an authority in your area of expertise....YET.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, healer, or changemaker, the HELL YES LIFE INFLUENCER PROGRAM will help you clarify your message, tell your story, build your signature system and cement your status as a powerful thought leader and influencer.

What you'll come away with:

You’ll walk out of this 3-month one-on-one program with several of the core tools you need to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, including:

  • A complete origin story you can use in your speeches, books, website content and marketing materials
  • A clear mission and vision statement that clarifies the WHY of your business
  • A signature speech you can use for keynotes, intro workshops and more
  • A step-by-step signature system that you'll use to help your clients.
  • An elevator speech that captures your mission and piques curiosity.

“I have been wanting something like this for a while. I walked away with creating an authentic story of how my business came to be – the first time I have felt on target.”

Debbie Rosenfelt, Founder, CEO From the Heart (Storytelling Workshop Attendee)

Here's how the 3 months will go:


Uncover your origin story

Clarify your purpose and mission

Determine your target audience

Create your sales funnel

The first month is about mining for gold. We dig in to do the necessary excavation work in order to unearth the gold that's inside you. We get to the heart of the matter to nail down your WHY (aka the purpose of your business) and your origin story and how it relates to what you do in your business. We also spend crucial time getting to know your target audience so we can understand what their pain points are and how your products and services can help them. We'll then develop an outline of your sales funnel, mapping out the customer journey your want your prospects to take to become your client.



Design your signature system

Build your signature speech

Create your book outline

Craft your elevator speech

In month 2, it's construction time.  We start by creating the outline to your signature system, an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process that you will take your ideal clients through to get them from struggle to success. Once we know this, we add in the origin story and updated messaging to create the outline for your signature speech. From there, we take everything we've created so far to draft the outline of your book. Finally, we craft an elevator speech that boils everything you're offering into a crisp, clear message that arouses curiosity and attracts your ideal clients.


Deploy your elevator speech

Test out your new material

Book your first (or next) speaking engagement

Start working on your book

In month 3, it's time to share, and get yourself, your story and your message out into the world. You can't succeed in a vacuum, so we take your new material out into the world and see how it plays out. Importantly, we look at this phase as experimental. We try things out, see what happens, incorporate feedback, adjust, and move forward. I'll be there to support you as you set bold and audacious goals for yourself to attend networking events, book speaking gigs,  complete chapters of your book and more. 


(Sequence and themes are customized to the needs of the client, so order of program may vary.)

Ready to learn more? 

Book a free, no-obligation discovery session so we can discuss where you're at with your business and where you'd like to be. By the end of the session, I'll give you an honest assessment as to whether I think this program could benefit you, plus a few helpful tips you can use, whether we work together or not!

“Norman has a truly uncanny ability to find the most compelling way for a person, business or organization to tell their story.

Erica Mills, Nonprofit Marketing Consultant, Founder and CEO of Claxon

Who am I?

I’m Norman Bell, the host of the Hell Yes Life podcast, where I interview inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, world changers and adventurers who all have one thing in common: They’re living their Hell Yes Lives.

I am also expert communicator who has used my communication skills to help Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and nonprofits clarify their messaging, tell their story and connect with their audiences.

I'm also an award-winning public speaker with a background in theater and film acting. As a speaker, I was one of the top seven Toastmasters speakers in the Seattle area.

As an actor, I played opposite Academy Award-winner Christian Bale in “The Machinist” and wrote, co-produced and starred in the popular solo show, “SUBPRIME!”

Now, I want to take all of this experience to help my favorite people - purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you - nail their message, share their story, serve as many people as possible, and change the world.

Ready to learn more?