Hell Yes Life Laser Coaching

Unlimited coaching for one full year!

Sale price: $997

Want unlimited laser coaching for one full year?

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In 2017, I launched the Hell Yes Life podcast, and since then, I’ve interviewed….[…]

A year later, I started working with one-on-one coaching clients, helping them move toward their Hell Yes Lives.

I’d love to help you do the same. But there’s one problem: 

Since 2018, the price of my regular coaching packages has increased significantly—they now range from between $5,000 and $10,000—and I’m having to turn away a lot of potential clients who I would love to help but can’t because my existing programs don’t fit their budgets.

Well, I’m excited to announce that I’ve created a solution that should fit the budget of just about any Hell Yes Lifer:

A one-year UNLIMITED 
laser coaching package for less than $84/month!

Here are the details:

  • >>The package includes one year of UNLIMITED 1:1 coaching with me (laser-focused 15-minute sessions) on Zoom.

  • >>We will come up with homework on each call to move you closer to your goal. You can schedule as many 15-minute sessions as you’d like over the next year, however you must complete your homework before scheduling the next session (so this is for action takers, not procrastinators).

  • >>You’ll also receive access to me by email during our time working together if you need assistance with your homework or if you have any questions about your business or goals. (a $997 value)

  • >>We'll start with one 30-minute session so that I can get to know you and make sure we both feel good about me helping you get the results you want. If during this call either of us feel this isn’t a fit, your money will be returned and the coaching arrangement terminated (so there’s no risk).

  • >>As a bonus, you’ll receive one free 60-minute strategy session that you can use at any point throughout the year (a $350 value).

  • >>As another bonus, you’ll get to be featured on a special episode of the Hell Yes Life podcast along with my other laser coaching clients, where you’ll get a chance to promote your Hell Yes Business or project.

I’m only accepting eight clients for this program, so if you’d like one of the spots, click on the link below to apply. The last day to apply is Thursday, April 30th. It’s first come, first served.

Ready for unlimited laser coaching for one full year?


Norman Bell

Norman Bell is a coach, workshop and mastermind group facilitator. He is also the host of the Hell Yes Life Podcast, which has been downloaded by thousands of listeners in over 100 countries. On the podcast, Norman interviews authors, speakers, coaches, artists, adventurers and world changers who are thriving in their Hell Yes Businesses and living inspiring Hell Yes Lives. 

With the Hell Yes Life Laser Coaching, Norman is ...


“With Norman’s help, I was able to dig deeper and take a closer look at my primary motivations in life. I identified and challenged my fears and self-limiting behavior, allowing myself to dream bigger. I felt supported, reassured and inspired at the end of each session - which drove me to action.”


“Since working with Norman, I've recognized that creativity is self-care and prioritized it accordingly. I've also begun creating a business plan for my passion, and I'm writing more and loving it! My favorite part of working with Norman was his invitation to create a "cringeworthy vision". I've developed a vision for my life and it's provided so much guidance!”


Ready for unlimited laser coaching for one full year?