Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to post a rating/review on iTunes – plus Stitcher if you’re really feeling generous. J Thank you so much for your support! I give shout-outs for all 5-star reviews on HYL podcast episodes as my way of saying thanks, so listen for you name on a future episode!

iTunes – On you PC/laptop:

Step 1: Go to the iTunes Preview page for Hell Yes Life podcast and click the “View in iTunes” button. It will take you to an iTunes page that looks like the one below (you need to have iTunes installed, so you may need to do this if you haven’t already.)

Step 2: Click the Subscribe button you see above (if you haven’t already) to review the podcast. I’m not sure if this step is necessary to leave a review, but clicking it will subscribe you to the podcast, which will help the rankings.

Step 3: Click the Ratings and Review tab highlighted in the image above.

Step 4: Rate the podcast by selecting 1 to 5 stars (If you enjoy the podcast, please consider a 5-star rating)

Step 5: Write a brief, but honest review. (1 to 3 sentences.) When you’re finished, the review box disappears without giving any confirmation, but when that happens your review has been accepted. It can take several days for your review to post in iTunes, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it immediately.

iTunes – On a mobile device:
1.) Go into the Podcasts app (see icon at right) on your mobile device
2) Choose “Search” along the bottom, type in “hell yes life”. My show should come up. Click on it.

3) Select the “Reviews” tab 3.) From there, you should be able to select the appropriate number of stars and click on “Write a Review” and leave a quick comment and you are done!


For extra karmic credit and additional gratitude showered on you from me, here’s how to do the same on Stitcher, where the podcast is also featured. This one’s only two steps!

1) Go to the Hell Yes Life Podcast page in Stitcher and click on the star ratings:

2.) A window will pop up where you can click the appropriate star ratings and leave a quick review of the show.